Should I Switch All My Outdoor Lights To LED?

residential outdoor lightingMore and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of adding outdoor lights to their property. Not only do they illuminate your outdoors, providing a sense of security, but they also beautify the surroundings. Landscape lighting comes in many types and forms, but one of the most popular types of outdoor lighting is LED.

What is LED lighting? And should you invest in LED lighting for your outdoors? Read on to find out!

LED Lighting for Outdoors

What exactly are LED lights? LEDs are a type of light bulb that illuminate when an electric current runs through it, unlike incandescent light bulbs whose filament wires would heat up to produce light. It’s no surprise that LEDs have grown so popular; they are more efficient, versatile, and durable.

Why Switch Your Outdoor Lights to LED?

Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider replacing your outdoor lights with LED lights.

Brighter Light

Compared with other types of lighting, LED lights provide brighter light for the same level of wattage. If you are planning to add outdoor lights specifically to brighten up your outdoors during the nighttime, LED lights are the way to go. Lit up outdoors will also allow you to easily spot any trespassers on your property.

Longer Lifespan

LED lights can offer much longer lifespans than incandescent bulbs. They are much more effective at offering light than other types of lighting sources. They also lack any working parts that may break over time. While incandescent bulbs may last nearly 1000 hours, LED light fixtures can last you well over 50,000 hours.

Energy Efficient

LED lights are incredibly energy efficient. They will use the same wattage level as incandescent bulbs to offer much brighter light. We usually measure the brightness of light in lumens. LED lights use much less wattage (energy) to produce the same level of lumens (brightness) as incandescent bulbs. For instance, to produce 450 lumens, an incandescent bulb would need nearly 30W, whereas an LED can produce the same brightness at just 5-6W.


LED lights are further renowned for their durability. While finding lighting sources for your outdoors, you need to consider their durability. These lights will have constant exposure to the elements, so you can’t have them changed every other day in case of damage. LED lights can perform rather well outdoors, making them an excellent choice. With the proper maintenance and care, they can last well up to 50,000 hours.

Variety of Designs

Many homeowners prefer to use LED lights since they are available in a variety of designs, including bulbs, panel lights, tube lights, wall-mounted fixtures, and even motion sensor security lights. You can easily find the best fit for your landscape lighting needs.

Low Heat Generation

LED lights produce much less heat than other light sources. Like any light bulb, they will produce heat, but it requires much less energy and is released in much smaller amounts compared to hot filament-powered incandescent light bulbs.

Evans Landscape Lighting: Professional Electrician Services

LED lighting can prove to be incredibly beneficial if applied to landscape lighting. If you are interested in getting new LED lights added to your outdoors, connect with Evans Landscape Lighting. We offer a wide range of quality LED lights and fixtures that will brighten and beautify any outdoor space!

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